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Did you know?

The Keirunga Park Railway ride is 846 metres long and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Comments in Visitors Book: 16/1/2005, David Holt, Queensland. "Still the best!"

4/8/1996, Peter and Ann Goddard, Canada. "The highlight of our trip to New Zealand."

Highest and longest

Highest viaduct: The highest railway viaduct in New Zealand is the 97 m high Mohaka viaduct spanning the Mohaka River about half way between Napier and Wairoa. This bridge is of steel girder construction, is 270 m long and was opened in 1937.

Longest bridge: The longest railway bridge in New Zealand is the 1743 m bridge spanning the Rakaia River south of Christchurch. It comprises 143 steel plate-girder spans on concrete piers. Completed in 1939, it replaced an even longer timber structure built in the 1870s.

The Ride

All Aboard!  Here we go!

All aboard! From the moment you hear the stationmaster's whistle and see the green flag go up, you're off on the Keirunga Park Adventure Ride.

As you leave the station, you head off past the turntable and yard buildings out on to the first sweeping wooden trestle viaduct. Wow! Look how high we are!

Around the bend you go and toot, toot, watch out, you'd better duck as you plunge into darkness in the first of three tunnels on the Keirunga track.

Through the cutting and out onto the straight past the station you go. Wave to everyone on your left up on Hillcrest!

Around the bend you go towards the second viaduct known as Fletcher's Crossing. Swing left around to the second tunnel, and then look out, here's the longest tunnel coming up.

Heading into the next tunnel.

After leaving the tunnel, you travel along the picturesque summit and back along Hillcrest.

Past Cynthia's rock garden.

Wave to everyone again as you head downhill under the huge gum tree, and around onto the station bank. Past the walkway, and over the third viaduct you go.

Over the third viaduct.

Oooh! See all the onlookers watching as you travel around Agapanthus Bank, over the last viaduct and back towards the station.

Heading into the station.

Watch the semaphore signals above your head change as you slowly clickety-clack back into the station, under the pedestrian overbridge with a final wave.

Whew! We're back! Wow, what a ride! Let's do it again!