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Drivers and visitors to Keirunga regularly come from Manukau, Wellington, Horowhenua, Kapiti, Christchurch, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Auckland, Hamilton, Napier and Havelock North.

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Archives - Labour Weekend 2014

Here is a selection of our best photos from Labour Weekend 2014.

Archives - Labour Weekend 2013

Here's some action shots from our very successful Labour Weekend at Keirunga.

Bill Krippener stoking the fire box ready for the next run.

Bill Krippener heading round towards Summit.

Tim testing his Cli-Shay before finishing the boiler cladding and painting.

Adam Harrison road testing the new Trans Metro individual unit known as The Flea!

Phantom at the crossing.

DG760 heading into the station.

Lyall and Southern Aspen RR 500 heading down the incline with view of station in the foreground.

Bryan from Tauranga heading down the incline.

Mike Orange heading down the incline.

Dave Brownlow stoking the firebox ready for next run.

Bob Wines stoking the firebox ready for next run.

Another load of happy passengers heading down the incline.

This little fella was taking a keen interest in how the water is filling up the tank.

All tucked up in the loco bay.

The boys in the signal box hard at work controlling the points.

Station staff clipping tickets and despatching trains.

Tony tucking up his Loco after a days running.