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Fell Engine Museum, Featherston, Wairarapa houses the only "Fell" locomotive remaining in the world, H199 built in 1875. It worked for 77 years on the 1 in 15 Rimutaka Incline and is a rare example of a 4 cylinder steam locomotive. Although the locomotive is not in steam, visitors can watch the inside and outside motion as the wheels and rods are driven by an electric motor.

Keirunga links to Parliamentary Special

Occasional visitors to Keirunga with their own locos, Richard Taylor and Ian Welch, were instrumental in getting the 100 year old historic railway carriage 1013 back on the tracks for the re-enactment of the Parliamentary Special, the first passenger train to travel the length of the North Island Main Truck Line, from Wellington to Auckland in early August 2008. Photographed below by Bob Bevan-Smith at Porirua.

Parliamentary Special train going through Porirua.

The century-old wooden carriage was part of the first passenger train, but the carriage had fell into ruin and sat rotting in a field in Pahiatua for many years. One side had rotted away and the interior had been torn out, but after being trucked to Wairarapa wheelwright Greg Lang, who spent 2 1/2 years restoring the carriage, it graced the main trunk line again. JA1271 pulled five historic wooden carriages.

Ian Welch says the carriage is the only original car remaining. His workshops at Plimmerton restored the chassis, and Richard Taylor helped by having nameplates for the carriage designed and made. The carriage has been named "Aotearoa".

The Parliamentary Special, a heritage steam engine with five carriages attracted enormous interest as it travelled in the tracks of its 1908 predecessor. In 1908, it carried 44 politicians north to meet the United States Navy's Great White Fleet, moored in Waitemata Harbour three months before the last spike was driven on the Main Trunk Line.

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