The Keirunga Park Railway has three tunnels. The longest tunnel in New Zealand is the Kaimai Tunnel in the North Island. It was opened on 12 September 1978 and is 8.850 kilometres.

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Wab794: The Wab is a deriviation of the Ab, but was built as a tank locomotive. Putting the water tanks above the driving wheels gave greater adhesion for faster acceleration, ideal for the constant stopping and starting required on the Auckland and Wellington suburban services where they spent much of their working lives. Wab794, built in Dunedin in 1927, is owned by the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society but has been restored by the Feilding Steam.

Easter 2015

Saturday once again was a brilliant fine sunny day and although off to a slower start than Friday the pace soon picked up and we were headed for another busy day. The crowds kept coming, the visiting trains were kept busy and also we had to make use of local trains as well. Everyone was kept busy including the station crew! With the local Lions running their BBQ stall and Mr Whippy's ice cream van in attendance the public was well catered for. Several family groups were picnicking on the grass between the two concrete bridges and the hill side was full of spectators as well.

Sunday greeted us with a cloudy day and sunny patches but still warm. Once again the public started coming early (must have been to do with the end of Daylight Saving) and we were off with a hiss and a roar literally! The crowd just kept building up and at several times the queue was stretched down into the car park! All trains were filled to capacity and even using local and the club trains, we only just managed to keep up with demand! But was it worth it? You betchya!! It was great to see everybody enjoying themselves and the smiles on the faces of the public spoke volumes!

Monday dawned with another fine day and yes once again the public turned out in droves to enjoy a great day out. It was still another busy day for everybody with trains still being filled to capacity and people filling the platforms waiting for rides. It was not until mid afternoon that the crowds started to thin out and the first trains of the weekend ran with empty spaces in the carriages. All too soon it was time for trains to be packed up once again onto trailers and into vans, farewells said and departures made. Once again another Easter at Keirunga had come and gone and although there were fewer visiting trains than usual, everybody had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The fine weather certainly brought the crowds out, friendships renewed once again, there were only a few incidents of minor derailments, everybody had had a great time. A grateful thanks goes out once again to everybody that helped in any way with preparation, maintenance, repairs, track running, signaling, security, catering and also a big thanks to the visitors for supporting our weekend with their presence. It was certainly one of our busiest long weekends for some time and although hectic at times still thoroughly enjoyable! If you were there you know what we mean!

Make plans to come back again soon and if you haven't been to Keirunga yet, why not come and see what the fuss is about and join us for Labour Weekend in October.

See also a set of photos by Jack Still of Easter 2015 (pdf).

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