The Keirunga Park Railway has three tunnels. The longest tunnel in New Zealand is the Kaimai Tunnel in the North Island. It was opened on 12 September 1978 and is 8.850 kilometres.

Did you know?

Wab794: The Wab is a deriviation of the Ab, but was built as a tank locomotive. Putting the water tanks above the driving wheels gave greater adhesion for faster acceleration, ideal for the constant stopping and starting required on the Auckland and Wellington suburban services where they spent much of their working lives. Wab794, built in Dunedin in 1927, is owned by the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society but has been restored by the Feilding Steam.

Easter Weekend 2014

Rain, rain, rain was what the weather man said for the weekend, President Brian Murphy reports, but Mother Nature decided to be kind and give us a lovely weekend. This meant we had a great turn out of happy customers who all enjoyed the extra trains that were visiting for the weekend. Although there were a lower number of visiting locos this year, we still had plenty of fun with the drivers and their families who did make the trip our way. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who did come through - it was great to see you all again.

A big thanks must go to all our members who turned up to help out and make sure the weekend ran smoothly. This year we did all the catering at the track, so thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for the extra work this year.

Easter is always a busy time for us at the track and this year was no different. We received lots of praise from families about the track and staff and plenty of smiling children makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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