The Keirunga Park Railway has three tunnels. The longest tunnel in New Zealand is the Kaimai Tunnel in the North Island. It was opened on 12 September 1978 and is 8.850 kilometres.

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Wab794: The Wab is a deriviation of the Ab, but was built as a tank locomotive. Putting the water tanks above the driving wheels gave greater adhesion for faster acceleration, ideal for the constant stopping and starting required on the Auckland and Wellington suburban services where they spent much of their working lives. Wab794, built in Dunedin in 1927, is owned by the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society but has been restored by the Feilding Steam.


Easter 2010 a great success

I will start with saying a great BIG Thank you, to all the visiting drivers and their friends who brought their trains from all over the North Island to Keirunga Park Railway on Easter weekend. Without you all, we would not have had the great time and fun that we and the public had.

Leaving the station in all the steam.

Out on Hillcrest.

All of us must thank the men and women who were slaving in the kitchen all weekend to keep us all fed and watered. They did a great job, thanks.

We had put in more water points in the station, and I think that they worked well as the signal staff could put the smaller steamers anywhere in the station and saved any congestion in the North and Relief lines.

The weather was great all weekend until the Monday when the rain started and chased some of the public away. Overall, we did really well with over 2,500 people riding the trains over the weekend.

There were 48 people who came to the Hibernian Club on the Sunday night for the annual meal. The food, as always, was fantastic and we all had a great night out.

The track was looking and running great, and I must thank all the people who helped to prepare the railway for the long weekend.

Junior drivers.

Junior drivers.

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