Keirunga Members attend International Live Steam Convention 2008

This biennial convention was for miniature locomotives, steam, electric and diesel powered and miniature road vehicles, hosted by Manukau Live Steamers.

The Manukau Live Steamers Club has two tracks: the spiral hill track caters for 3.5" - 5" and 7¼" gauge locos. It is 850 metres long climbing the 1.6% grade through a 30 metre tunnel and over a 40 metre viaduct.

The 1200 metre long Prairie track caters for both 5" and 7¼" gauges. It runs around the perimeter of the park and crosses a 60 metre viaduct with long straights and easy 1% grades.

Both tracks depart and return to the covered station area known as Massey Junction. The photo below shows the steaming bay with the public at the station in the background.

The Convention opened with delegates arriving with their locos, unloading and getting on to the track to try it out. The track was open to the public all weekend.

View of steaming bay and station

View of steaming bay and station

Lineup of locos

Lineup of locos heading out with passengers

Public area and crossover tracks

Public area and crossover tracks

DG760 coming down the hill

DG760 coming down the hill with a load of passengers

Aircraft Engine demonstration

Alan Roberts gave an aircraft engine display on Friday afternoon, firing up his model engines, including a small jet engine, which everyone thought was amazing.

Ben Corney with his loco

Ben Corney driving Jan Raudon's engine

The Les Moore Challenge on Saturday evening had contestants demonstrating how to heat and transfer 2 litres using a pump in the shortest possible time.

Mike's certificate

Sunday evening's Convention Dinner included a speech by Richard Taylor, and prizegiving. Mike Hartle's DG760 was awarded the Chevpac Machinery Award for the Best 7¼" Diesel Locomotive. John Romanes won the prize for the Best Electric Loco, a Ge2/4 Electric Shunter.

Best Electric Loco

John Romanes 2-4-2 Rhätische Bahn loco.

Keirunga members having dinner

Keirunga members enjoying dinner and drinks at the Convention Banquet (from left: Kevin West, Pat Herbison, Jack Keenan, John Keenan, Ben Corney, Mike Hartle). Convention Photos: Dale Hartle

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