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Easter Weekend

14-17 April 2017.


Did you know?

You don't have to own or have built a loco to belong to the Havelock North Live Steamers club. If you have an interest in model engineering, and want to be involved with the club as a hobby, contact us for more information.

Record Run

The record run of the "Mallard" on July 3rd, 1938 reached a speed of 125 mph, with a peak at 126 mph for a few seconds. After that it ran at a speed of at least 120 mph for another three miles. The Mallard was one of many Gresley Class A4 steam engines built by LNER in the 1930s for high speed passenger transport along the East Coast Mainline (London-Edinburgh).

Contact Us

These are our contact details. We'd love to hear from you by phone or email if you want to ask questions, give feedback or enquire about joining our club (see below).

President: Brian Koehler, phone 0274 499 592 or email

General Manager: Adam Hemi 021 293 6908,

Running Day and Events Coordinator: Brian Murphy 06 878 8304

Postal address: The President, Havelock North Live Steamers and Associates Inc (Keirunga Park Railway), PO Box 8205, Havelock North 4157, New Zealand.

Join our Club

Are you looking for a new hobby or interest? Havelock North Live Steamers Inc is on the lookout for new members. We have two levels of membership: Adult, and Junior under 16.

People over 16 years of age can join the club with or without their own loco. You can use the club loco to get driving experience and your licence to drive. Then you値l be able to take the public for rides on our running days.

When you join, you値l be expected to attend club meetings, help out at working bees, and assist at our Open Weekends when you can. You値l learn how to operate the signals, do track maintenance, and learn how live steam, diesel and electric locos work. Maybe you値l even want to buy or build one yourself! You don稚 need any past experience, but cabinetmakers, welders, engineers, electricians, builders and painters are especially welcome. Just having an interest in trains and machinery is all you really need, plus tons of healthy enthusiasm, a bit of time to spare, and a willingness to learn.

With our junior members under 16 years of age, we値l show you around our track and you値l be able to operate the club loco without paying passengers. Junior members under 10 years of age must have a caregiver or current club family member present at all times, including working bees, running days and open weekends. This is a great way to learn from experienced members on how to operate and build locomotives and carriages, and how a model engineering club works. Of course, safety is paramount, so good behaviour is expected, along with a heap of inquisitiveness and the ability to take direction and follow instructions properly. By the way, we are not limited to just boys either! Girls are very welcome to come down and get their hands dirty too!

Our membership fees are $40 per person for the first year, and $20 each year thereafter, payable annually before the club AGM. If you are interested in live steam and model engineering, contact us to find out more. We壇 love to invite you along to have a look around our track and find out what it痴 all about. You値l be amazed at what you値l learn and how much fun you値l have.